Charlotte Lagro

The art-shaped hole in my heart, 2015 Full HD Video 00:11:39

Charlotte Lagro (1989. NL) lives and works in Maastricht, the Netherlands. She makes set-ups or installations that encompass photographic works, drawings, objects, sound elements and vi-deo’s/moving image. Charlotte graduated in 2011 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht. In 2015 she won the Hermine van Bers Fine Art Award. She attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine (USA) in 2015 and was an artist-in-residence at RAVI Liège (BE) and Maastricht University, department of Psychology and Neuroscience. Charlotte has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions at CIAP, Hasselt (BE) and Galerie Nadja Vilenne (BE). She will present a new solo project at the Biennial of Photography Liège in August 2016.



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