Marie Zolamian

Sans titre (Boîte rose), 27 x 20 cm. Huile sur toile, 2016.



My work can be seen as a series of sequences that ultimately will constitute an experimental documentary of a fictional ethnology. I experience self-uprooting in a globalized world that crosses western and eastern lifestyles, thoughts and stories.


I try to seize the heritage of an elected community that is unknown to me, and question the notion of belonging to a community, to a territory. These “chosen exiles” in micro-communities bring forward micro-stories. They mostly rely on a story, a testimony that affects the individual and the community, based on a subjective attachment to a place or an inherited object.


In the end, these are repeated integration attempts, during which discordant relationships are established between identity, tradition and authenticity, between locality and culture.

The work process is based on serial production of portraits, of links between the environment and a personal or collective history. Each series is a visual archived trajectory, starting from an unknown here moving to an unknown there. (Marie Zolamian)


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